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Dance Of Vulnerability – Portraits Of The Struggle Within

She rose up out of the dim waters tranquil and arousing. Content with her being and knowing in her capacity. Be that as it may, it is constantly here.. in the prior second opening her eyes that she staggers.

The mindfulness that the light of world will uncover her feelings of dread, questions, her dull desires, and her concealed certainties starts the move.

The steady move between living her wants or battling her evil spirits. Acknowledgment and the desire to change. To cherish the imperfections and grasp her wants or battle for a newly discovered quality and more grounded self.

However, much to her dismay, that here is the place she is generally wonderful. Here in here torn state is the place we can get her. Where we can at long last contact her. This Goddess. Heavenly in her defenselessness.


Emergence refers to the existence or formation of collective behaviors — what parts of a system do together that they would not do alone.


A strong desire especially for something unattainable.

Dance of Vulnerability

What fascinates me about dancers is not so much the process of perfection but the day by day vulnerability.

To Be Seen

To do something in a way that people will notice, because they want or expect you to do it.

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