California’s Last Gray Wolf Pack Just Surprised Everyone By Welcoming 3 New Pups

by Sabahat Waheed
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After 1920, when farmers and ranchers had removed all grey wolves from California. About 8 years ago, Grey wolves have been seen there. Three new born pups are found thin April (Lassen and Plumas counties in the northeast corner of the Golden State).

Three wolf pups are welcomed In California in April

After the birth of 3 wolf pups, the number of grey wolves has been extended into about 7 wolves. Yet it is not sure. Because wolves wander hundred miles in other states. Only two of them are wearing radio collar. wolf pups and two adult wolves have been captured in an area. This area is 100 miles away from Oregon’s border.

In 1920, Wolf specie was eradicated completely from Golden state

In 1995 and 1996, the state was re introduced with wolf population. Gradually, the number of wolves is going to be increased. Dozens of wolves have been released in Yellowstone National Park, as well as the Frank Church Wilderness in Idaho from Canada. Back in 2011, a wolf (that later biologists named OR-7) was spotted. It has been found that this was wandering from Oregon to California which increased the number of wolves in the state.

Since 1995, conservationists have been working on bringing the wolves back to the state

Wolves used to wander freely across west coast. They were preyed by hunters, ranchers and farmers. They were worried that wolves will be dangerous for their sheep and calves that is why they killed all wolves in the state. “Wolves have great importance in maintaining ecosystem. Due to the presence of wolves in an ecosystem various procedures are being run. Vegetation, habitat for different species like birds, frogs and fish is provided by wolves. They play vital role in keeping nature healthy and wild.” said by Amarow Weiss, a biologist and senior advocate for the Center for Biological Diversity in Petaluma.

Fruit ripened finally and wolves are saved

Amaroq Weiss said that Having wolves back in California is an important development.

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