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BF Decides To See How Far He Can Take Parading Engagement Ring In Front Of His GF Without Her Noticing (22 Pics)

It’s one of those stories that they will tell their grandchildren again and again. At the point when Edi Okoro chose that his sweetheart Cally Read was the one, he purchased a ring and began searching for the correct minute to pop the unavoidable issue. So he paused. What’s more, paused. What’s more, paused. In the long run, Edi needed to have some good times with it. All things considered, dislike he’ll have another open door like this at any point in the near future. He chose to perceive how far he can go marching the wedding band directly before Cally without her seeing it (spoiler: really far). He even reported the challenging test in photographs!

“We met at athletics,?” Edi told. “We both competed at a very high level and traveled to competitions together. Both also ran for Birchfield Harriers AC.”

“I knew she was the one after I realized our conversations didn’t dry up and we bounced off each other.”

During the entire engagement ring operation, however, there were a few close calls. “The binoculars. Only because she could have just looked up! Also, walking around with it in my pocket I knocked into her a few times [but] she didn’t notice it was a box.”

Edi even shot a few daring videos

Eventually, he did pop the big question

And she said YES!

“This engagement turned out more than what I originally intended it to be,” Edi concluded. “I’m just happy that I don’t have to walk around with [the ring] anymore and keep it a secret!”

After their story went viral, people immediately started congratulating the beautiful couple

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