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Artist Creates Amazing Portrait By Smashing Glass In Certain Places

As a craftsman, the more specialized abilities you have, the better you can introduce your thoughts. What’s more, Simon Berger has such great hands, he’s making notwithstanding when he’s obliterating. Give him a mallet and an etch and Simon will cut you a glass picture simply like that.

Somebody truly was pissed with that shop

“Glass is a material that has such a great amount of potential in craftsmanship,” Berger revealed to Bored Panda. “[Using my workmanship experience,] I have discovered a strategy which is presumably the most special in the [entire] world.”

They truly destroyed its window!

The prepared woodworker began his creative adventure utilizing wood yet before long started exploring different avenues regarding different materials too. At a certain point, Simon even made a representation from an upcycled estimation machine.

Pause, is it a shop?

The craftsman begins a piece with a photograph of a model. He at that point portrays its frameworks on a board of glass. From that point, Simon denotes the spots he wouldn’t like to break and the ones he needs to alter a bit. The best glass for these tasks is something that doesn’t break following being hit. Like a vehicle’s windshield.

Ok, alright. It’s an exhibition!

“Human countenances have constantly intrigued me,” the craftsman said. “On wellbeing glass, these themes make their mark and mystically pull in guests. It is a disclosure from conceptual hazing to metaphorical discernment.”

What’s more, that is not vandalism

As of late, Simon’s fastidious work has had an effective show in Philip Brogli’s exhibition Artstübli in Basel, Switzerland.

What people have to say

Is there something like positive vandalism


She tried to figure out

Haha yes

Broken window…in style

Glass work ahan

Jesus appeared

New level


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