All 9 Seasons of ‘The Office’ Now Available Exclusively on Tenor GIF Keyboard

You idiots don’t have to worry much now, The famous funny TV show, the OFFICE will be removed from Netflix from in 2021 but you’ll be able to watch free on Tenor GIF keyboard as they announced it recently.

The CEO of Tenor company stated that the way of people seeing new things on internet has changed and whenever people see something comedy, they share it with everyone and repeat it again and again and watch in a slow motion with subtitles, and its better to do this in silence so buying The office rights was quite an easy decision.

The viewers opinions were different, some were sending GIFs of Michael Scott yelling ”No” in a loop, in one GIF he was dancing, and in one he was making weird faces etc. They opinions have to be interpreted. He further told that The office tv show is a complete personality rather than just a show. Its a great approach to communicate over by posting a GIF of another person conveying everything.

To rephrase a great GIF from the preferred character, the CEO said that why to utilize more frames when the work can be done by some frams only and he quickly scrolled his phone.

The tenor has joined the bidding war with Giphy to buy the rights of Parks and Recreation!!

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