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A Transgender Man Took a Selfie Every Day For Three Years To Show What Testosterone Can Do

Student and YouTuber Jamie Raines, 22, first started taking testosterone right before he turned 18.

He decided to take a selfie every day to keep track of his progress.

“I initially intended to just do it for the first year,” he said in an interview. “But then I didn’t get any facial hair in my first year.”

It took a while for major changes in his features to appear.

When the second year rolled around, the changes started to become more noticeable.

“My face started to get longer and I lost the chubby cheeks,” he said.

Then Raines noticed that his nose started to look different as well.

After two years on testosterone, he finally started to grow facial hair.

“I was waiting for it once I first started getting a couple of chin hairs,” he said. “It was really exciting.”

It kept growing.

And then, after more than three years of testosterone, Raines had a full beard.

He took a before and after shot wearing the same outfit, and you would think they were two people from the same family, but not the same person.

As for the change in his voice, that happened in stages.

“In the first six months, there was a very slight change at one month and two months, and then at three months I had my first proper voice drop, and then four months it started to sound more naturally deep, and since the six-month mark it’s been gradual,” he said. “I don’t think it’s still changing now but I make yearly voice comparisons to keep up to date with how it’s changed.”

How did his family react?

“My whole family and my girlfriend [Shaaba] have just been really supportive and really excited for me because of the changes,” he said. “I told my mum first and then she told my dad and brother and they’ve all just been really great with it. My mum thinks this was always how I was supposed to be. She doesn’t feel like she’s lost a daughter, because I’m the same person to her – I’m still her child, but now I’m just her son.”

For anyone thinking about transitioning and taking testosterone, he has this advice: patience, patience, patience.

“It’s good to surround yourself with a community or friends and family that will support you – either online or in real life,” he advised. “Ask questions of people who’ve already gone through it. It feels like it takes ages for things to start happening but then when it does start everything changes really quickly. Now people are surprised when I tell them I’m trans. I had a job interview and when I told them they thought I was going to transition from male to female!”

Raines turned his 1,400 photos into a short film. It was seen by a TV producer who included Raines in a documentary about transgender men in the UK.

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