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A Photo of Scott Disick and His Daughter Is Causing Major Backlash

Scott Disick is a to some degree polarizing open figure. A few people love him for his overwhelming character and consistent bemusement at the Kardashian/Jenner tricks, while others observe him to be an inconsiderate egomaniac with an excessive amount of cash and practically no genuine ability.

And keeping in mind that Disick is no more unusual to debate, he’s in the news once more, however this time for something his little girl is blamed for doing in a Japanese café. Continue perusing for the full story and to settle on your own choice on the troublesome photograph.

Scott Disick is not one to stay out of controversy.

There was that time he shoved a hundred dollar bill into a waiter’s mouth.

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This infamous 2010 episode of KUWTK included a scene that’s difficult to forget: A ridiculously drunk Disick getting deliberate with an innocent waiter for unknown reasons and then proceeded to shove a wadded up $100 bill down his throat.

Or the time he punched a mirror in Miami

Remember the time he called Kourtney “Fat?”

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This episode happened soon after Kourtney brought forth their little girl Penelope.

He chose it would be a smart thought to go on about what she looked like when they initially met, and how unique she looks now with the additional child weight.

The comments later made Kourt cry.

Oh, and let’s not forget the countless times he cheated on Kourtney, the mother of his three children.

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AND that time he forgot his daughter’s birthday!

I could go on and on, but luckily, Scott seems to have been avoiding negative publicity for the last few years.

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That is, until a photo that he posted on Instagram sparked a heated debate on social media, with many users calling out the so-called “celeb” for his daughter’s racist gesture.

This photo was posted to his account on January 2nd of 2019.

He captioned the photo “Best first date of 2019! ❤️?”

From the start, it would appear that a cute photograph of a daddy-girl date with his little mini me making a funny face.

Soon, however, the negative comments came rolling in.

Many people blamed Scott directly for not correcting his child.

Another user called on Scott to make a public apology.

They likewise remarked on how ill bred this motion was to make while in a sushi eatery, out of every other place on earth.

“In a Japanese restaurant, any white person lifting up eyelids is committing a racist act.”

One person blamed both Scott and Kourtney for their daughter’s behavior.

“Her not knowing that pulling her eyes back is offensive is not an excuse for her PARENTS,” said @missamal93.

“They should have said something.”

Others, however, saw the photo differently.

Others called out the outraged commenters for being too sensitive.

Others demanded that everyone leave poor Penelope alone.

“Come on guys she’s young,” said one commenter, which another condemned online trolls for refusing to let this little girl grow up without being “traumatized” for making a “funny face.”

Response to the photo continued over at Twitter, as well.

“IT IS SHAMEFUL!” said outraged user @naliastyles, who also tagged Scott, Kourtney, and (for some unknown reason) Kylie Jenner in the post hoping to get a response. 

Just like it was on Instagram, the feedback was a mixed bag.

This is the ideal case of what happens when individuals have nothing else to do except for single out youngsters. She didn’t dismantle her eyelids to the side to taunt Asians she pulled them upward not ridiculing anybody. Individuals need to grow up and talk about main problems.

Twitter user @ashleycam2883 seemed disgusted by people who she deemed to be “picking on children.”

“People need to grow up and talk about real issues.”

User @FaithHough agreed.

She compared Penelope’s goofy face to the faces her own children make in an effort to gross her out, stating point blank that “it’s not racist.”

“She’s acting like a six year old.”

Neither Scott nor Kourtney have responded to the sushi restaurant photo controversy.

While we’ll presumably never know whether Penelope was making a blameless face or it was in reality a supremacist signal, it’s sheltered to accept that individuals will continue quarreling over it on the social media for an additional couple of weeks.

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