A Couple From Russia Creates Extremely Realistic Dolls (20 Pics)

8 years ago, Anastasiya and Sergey Lutsenko started to create doll. These dolls give a realistic look. The couple was graduated in art. They were inspired by the people around them. So there every model is different.

Every doll has its own memory. We have a lot of memories related to our childhood dolls. So they create such dolls to create such beautiful memories.

Do not wait. Just scroll down and watch innovative ideas of realistic dolls.

Shy soul

Sad princess

Scary pout

Fantasizing fantastic life

Lady with style

The perfect hair style

Worried doll

Proudy madam

Thoughtful pretty

Long hair day

Girl in hat

Lady stylo

Tiny doll

The poser

Slim beauty

Barbie doll

Jewelry lover

Sun lover

Angry young lady

The perfect pout

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