34-Year-Old Mother Survives Brutal Acid Attack By her Ex-Husband

This is one of the protagonists of Vietnam’s acid attack victims’ photography project. Young English teacher (born in 1985), Dang Thi Thanh Huyen who lives in Yen Vien Ward-Gia Lam District-Hanoi. She and her husband tied the knot in 2010, and they had a lovely daughter.  She was the victim of a violent acid attack in which her ex-husband was the attacker after the unfortunate divorce on March 24, 2018.

From 2 liters of acid, she was badly wounded, went into a coma for 5 days, and had only 10 percent hope of living. But physicians have been dedicated to saving the survivor of the acid attack. She survived miraculously after the operation. However, when her burned scalp uncovered portion of her skull and confronted the stitching on her disfigured face, neck and shoulders every day, she had to suffer horrible pain.

She was committed to live and stand up as she desired a mom by her side for her little girl. And at this very time, in every step of the painful surgery, she continues to battle for her life. Not to mention the survivor’s family sold their home and borrowed the medical care from everyone else they could afford.

The pain is still there, but she is struggling to stand up and move forward

Huyen always keeps reminding her daughter of 8 years, “Forgive your dad and let go of the past. You have to study hard to give back the favor to the individuals who gave your mother a hand during this difficult moment.

 “The message to everyone from the young teacher is that it is time to stop acid attacks with the law and prohibit acid consumption in Vietnam.

When she loses her way, she prays to the loved ones she has lost to give her power

Huyen still discovers the light in her kid during the darkest moments

Huyen always smiles at her daughter, holding her tears back

“I’m never going to forget what dad did to you. But even when you are in pain, you taught me to forgive,” said her 8-year-old daughter

The little girl massages her mom every day to decrease scars and minimize their impacts on everyday practices

Although she is in pain, she teaches her daughter

Huyen’s daughter still brushes the hair of her mother, despite getting less hair

They both spend value time with each other and flowers are arranged by them

Huyen prepares for her lecture in English. Her students ‘ love pushes her every day

You’re the loveliest lady for me

At the hospital, Huyen and I