23-Year-Old Doesn’t Know What To Do After Graduating College, Gets 9 Pieces Of Advice From Different Professors

Young adulthood is the most challenging phase in any one’s life. In early 20’s of person life many changes happen. He has to think about his life changing events, his career, goals, priorities and much more. In short, we should say that one has to discover his life during this phase.

It takes decade to deal with all the changes during this phase. Sometimes more than decade is required for handling life. So we can not wonder that why most of young adults are depressed in their adulthood because they have to solve all the mysteries going on in their life.

In such conditions the best advice one can get is just let it go. Just take things lighter and easier. Lightly my child! lightly! the best solution of all.

After graduation, when she did not get any solution that what to do with the future she decided to take advice from her professors.

She asked her professors to speak all of their wisdom to her.

The best than that is to share this all wisdom with others on twitter during their such critical time.

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