21 Wedding Photos That I Took At In-N-Out Burger Chain Restaurant

The night Emily + Jeremy got ready for marriage, they made a beeline for Emily’s favourite burger chain, In N Out. After their wedding, they sat in a similar stall they did the night they got ready for marriage, over a similar dinner. Doesn’t beat that!

After the wedding they went to the outlet.

They are so much in love.

Awwwhh look at them holding hands.

Even the lady taking order seems so happy taking order from the newly wedded couple.

They don’t seem to keep their eyes off each other.

Who is not fond of the wedding ring man!

These pictures are increasing my excitement. I just love to see couples in love.

HAHA a man who can not make his wife laugh, is he even any good? A little humor in your man is always welcome.

Together they are enjoying their drinks.

Such a beautiful picture.

They’re the most perfect couple I have seen in a while. As you unite in Marriage I wish you years of happiness, love and joy!

Two souls with but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one.

My heart is filled with joy today to see this fun loving couple so happy and in love! Congratulations to the happy couple on their wedding day!

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