20 Soul Destroying Problems Only Left-Handed People Understand

Life can be tough, regardless of what your identity is. However, there’s one gathering of individuals who need to confront an entire additional bundle of issues that a large portion of us never need to consider. Envision if the entire world was worked for individuals who are your direct inverse. All things considered, for all the left-gave individuals out there, this is a reality – and life can be harder than you may might suspect.

1. Scissors


What for most people is a handy tool, for a leftie, becomes something of a torture device.

2. Single Desks

3. Dry-erase boards

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4. Mugs

Want to know how long something is? Well, you should be so lucky, because it’ll be upside down.

5. Measuring Tape

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6. Video Games

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7. Can Openers

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8. Pens on chains

9. Ice cream scoops

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10. Pens

11. Crosswords

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12. Spiral Notebooks

13. The dreaded question.

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“Are you left handed?” Nothing more annoying than this question.

14. Weird Assumptions

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“Wow, did you know being left-handed means you’re so much better at using logic to solve problems?”

15. Swiping Cards

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The swiping section is always on the right side of the machine? How discriminating, no?

16. Playing Cards.

The way that you can’t swipe your card wasn’t terrible enough, what about the way that playing cards are explicitly intended to be fanned out in the right hand? Chafing stuff.

17. Firing a gun.


Indeed, it’s not something that the vast majority of us face each day – in any case, as yet, getting hit in the face thusly resembles something contrary to fun.

18. Using a pen.

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Ever been writing and watched your pen fall apart as the base unscrews? Congratulations – you’re probably a leftie.

19. Binders.

Indeed, even right-handed individuals do not like these, however they become exponentially additionally bothering for a leftie.

20. Getting too excited.

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The experience of meeting another left-handed individual can truly be a whoop dee doo!

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