20 Responses People Had to Anti-Vaxxer Proudly Wearing a ‘Jesus Wasn’t Vaccinated’ T-Shirt

You know when you believe that a pattern has at long last slithered back under the stone that it originated from, yet it hasn’t, well, the manner in which you feel when that happens is actually how I feel about this entire “against vax” thing. It appears as though rationale won’t win with supporters of this odd pattern. A few of us typical people are here to sort the record out for all the counter vaxxers who still accept that the administration is utilizing inoculations to “control” every one of us.

What’s more, the web at times has the most ideal methods for striking back. Look at a portion of these funny reactions to an enemy of vaxxer who was gladly flaunting her “Jesus Wasn’t Vaccinated” shirt.

A picture of a woman, who was sporting a t-shirt proclaiming “Spoiler Alert… Jesus Wasn’t Vaccinated,” was posted online.

The photograph has since gone viral.


1. Neither was Satan.

Um… technically, this is true.

2. Spoiler Alert!

3. …But okay.

In fact, per Pauline Christian religious philosophy, Jesus resembled an inoculation God conveyed to the earth for Man’s transgression, however Okay.

4. Tetanus got him.

5. Was it all just a dream?

6. In the name of Jesus.

7. Was he really a God?


8. Cause of death: rusty nails.


9. Do germs even exist?

10. Fiction.


11. Who needs a robe?

12. Bold.

13. Nice try though.


14. Nailed it.

15. Actually…

16. Back-up.

17. It really doesn’t work like that, Anti-Vaxxers…

18. Stay home!

19. New rule:


20. Daddy’s power