20 Photos By A French Photographer That Will Definitely Prove That Photography Is Art

Welcome to the one of a kind universe of Louis Maniquet, a 21-year-old French picture taker who comprehended photography involved point of view. While working at an occupation that has nothing to do with photography, this youthful craftsman gets and sublimates specific minutes decisively! He buckles down each day to make his substance inventive and wonderful to watch, and he always looks to improve himself. Possibly you’ll see one of his bits of work at home one day, why not?

Simple Drop

Drop Drop

Magic Lights

That Place You Know

Bird View

Louis Maniquet Himself

Under Pressure

Spain’s Archiecture


Capturing the Moment

Behind the Smoke

Jumping around the World

In Paris

Wild Nature

Neon Light’s

Purple Lines

Pristine Nature



Sunset over Limoges