20 Of The Funniest Internet-Famous Cat Pics Get ‘Watercolorized’ By Amelia Rizky

by Khadija Khurram
2 minutes read

A cat with a trash bag hat on its head. A catto in a bowl. A feline in a wig.

There’s nary a thing more adorable and hilarious than cats caught up in

peculiar situations that defy reason and make you think there’s a mystery to solve.

Artist Amelia Rizky, who goes by the name Watercatlor online, takes funny

cat photos and memes, and then turns them into cute digital watercolor illustrations.

We’ve collected the best of Watercatlor’s work, so scroll down and upvote your favorite cattos!

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And when you’re done looking through Amelia’s art, have a read through interviews with two other talented artists — Julia Loopstra from California,

and Keigo from Japan.

Amelia’s feline drawings are quite popular on the internet.

More than 82,600 people follow her Instagram account, and another 1,000+ cat lovers eagerly wait for her newest art pieces on Facebook.

Watercolor’s newest drawing (at the time of writing) is of a cat with fruits on its paws; it got more than 17,700 likes on Instagram.

Amelia’s rise to fame has everything to do with her drawing style and the fact that she redraws well (and lesser) known memes.

But why is it that cat memes draw in so many diverse people from radically different backgrounds?

Mashable cites the co-founder of Know Your Meme, Elspeth Rountree, according to whom images of cats have always been popular, far before the

advent of the internet.

“They’re the perfect distraction from our hectic lives. You don’t need any explanation or prior knowledge to understand the slapstick humor that animals provide.

Cat videos and images are a quick hit of pure, unfettered ‘cute.’ They’re also entertainment in easily digestible doses,” Rountree stated about cats in the age of the internet.

Cats bring a mix of cuteness, danger, expressiveness, and liveliness very few other animals can even begin to compare to.

That’s why so many people choose to keep them as pets; and the more people have cats as pets, the more meme-potential there exists.

Which means that Amelia the artist will probably never run out of cats to redraw.

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