20 Infuriating Times Birds Acted Like Total Idiots

When I hear the word ‘prankster’, my psyche promptly thinks about The Mask and Bart Simpson. They may have kind natures, however they’re genuine bastards. Be that as it may, it’s not simply nonexistent characters who like to make individuals’ lives troublesome — there are a lot of jokester creatures out there, as well. Boss among them are fowls. Furthermore, they’re simply trusting that the ideal minute will jump and demolish your day. A pity they’re normally the main ones giggling at their loathsome jokes.

If at any point believed that all feathered creatures are sweet, guiltless, and feathery, well, we can reveal to you that the main creatures on the planet like that are pandas. No, no, we’re not one-sided. Not one piece. You need to trust us.

1. Angry Cockatoo Tears Down Anti-Bird Spikes And Throws Them To The Ground

2. I Don’t Think This Bird Can Read

3. This Bird Waits For My Coworker To Show Up Every Morning. Then Spends The Day Looking At Itself In The Mirror And Shitting

You may be happy to give our flying feathered companions a pass, however there’s a lot of proof to recommend that winged animals can be genuine idiots. Much the same as certain individuals. Some of the time more regrettable. From forceful conduct to insatiable voracity, one take a gander at these feathered creatures will make them figure its a well-suited portrayal of what human culture would resemble after the Apocalypse. Also, if winged animals are far off relatives of dinosaurs, I’d preferably not think about the obnoxious tricks that a T-Rex and his buddies would pull on the off chance that they were ever cloned!

4. Just Try To Frigging Cage Me Again

5. This Photo Of A Pelican Trying To Eat My Phone

6. Nice Paint Job. Be A Shame If Someone…

It’s not simply us who think winged animals are dolts. Researchers are our ally. Taki’s Magazine expounds on the most exceedingly awful flying egomaniacs who couldn’t care less about anybody however themselves. Accept hummingbirds for instance. The guys are so eager, they guarantee winged animal feeders, and won’t let any other individual close them. Not notwithstanding for a taste.

7. The Australian Firehawks

Australian firehawks proactively spread out of control fires. Eyewitnesses report both performance and helpful endeavors, regularly effective, to spread out of control fires deliberately by means of single-event or rehashed transport of consuming sticks in claws or noses. After succesfully spreading the flame, the “firehawks” can choose escaping prey or mung on the singed stays of those critters who didn’t make it out in time.

8. Classic

9. So.. Did The Bunny Grow Wings And Go To Heaven?

Presently, would you say you are prepared for something creepy and chilling about crows? I caution you, you’ll never take a gander at them the equivalent again. Crows are, clearly, the living exemplifications of ravenousness. They eat everything. What’s more, I mean the world. From trash to little, delightful child birbs. Crows have a unique craving for robins and bluebirds. I warned you.

10. “Is This Cake Batter?!” *dunks Entire Head In*

11. This Goose Is Fery Angry

12. Sometimes When Billy Is With His Friends He Can Be A Bit Mischievous

Goodness, and on the off chance that you believed that the lofty bald eagles are excluded from analysis, reconsider. They’re such snaps that even different winged creatures believe they’re jerks. Bald eagles are so clumsy at chasing, they more often than not take other winged animals’ prey or eat carcass, similar to vultures. Yuck.

13. Bird Trying To Snack On The Family Pet

14. This Bird [friggin] Hates Spelling

15. Yoink!

Also the absolute greatest meanies around — Canada geese and swans. Canada geese are amazing for their hostility and are known for how frequently they assault individuals. However, as indicated by USA Today, they just do as such in light of the fact that individuals are venturing into their region and getting excessively near their eggs or infant birbs. The equivalent goes for swans: however they’re smooth and delightful, they will persevere relentlessly to protect their children on the off chance that anybody gets close them.

16. This Happened

17. Taken One Second Before Disaster

18. Who’s Laughing Now Ass****?

19. Stretch Swan

20. It Looks Better On The Floor, Karen

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