20 Hilarious Times This Guy With A Name ‘Customer Support’ Trolled Clueless Customers

Web-based social networking has turned into a major ordeal for organizations – most clients are online in spots like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and can without much of a stretch be come to with a straightforward post or private message. Be that as it may, now and again the comfort of arriving at a lot of individuals at the same time has it’s drawbacks – as you will find in this post!

The Amazing Troll-Man, a UK-based entertainer otherwise called Wesley Metcalfe, adores simply disturbing enormous organizations. His technique is straightforward: he has a Facebook account under the name ‘Client Support.’ He visits the pages of different organizations, changing his profile picture to coordinate them, and continues to cooperate with clients in an entertainingly interesting and regularly discourteous way. The clients, stunned by the cheek of Wesley’s ‘client administration,’ as a rule respond with an upright shock that solitary adds to the funniness.

Can’t envision what I mean? Look down beneath to see The Amazing Troll Man in real life for yourself, and let us recognize what you think in the remarks!


LMAO, that is entertaining however Im sure on the off chance that I was in that man shoes id be irritated as well

Exhausted Panda addressed The Amazing Troll Man himself, and he was benevolent enough to give us his inception story. “A couple of years back I composed a post that became famous online,” he clarified, looking angrily into the separation while puffing on his pipe. “It was a parody post about an old school yard trick. Seeing such huge numbers of individuals snicker at what I had composed was a nice sentiment.”

“At that point, two or after three years, I purchased a cucumber from a market called Tesco here in the UK. On opening the cucumber I found a dead worm caught inside the cellophane wrapper. I chose to compose a jokey grievance to Tesco on Facebook. From the start I got the standard reactions from their promoting group so I continued pushing them until a person called Rob hopped in to have a touch of chitchat with me. The post rapidly circulated around the web. Each distribution in the uk gave it a notice and it came to RTL television in Germany. In the event that you search William the Worm on Google you will see every one of the articles.”

“Indeed it was an extraordinary inclination diverting such a large number of individuals on the web. This was in 2016.”


“Quick forward to 2018 I endured with a psychological breakdown. I was hit with tension and sadness. I had never felt so low in my life. It took me about a year to lift myself up. Everybody was so astonished to see the joker of the pack tumble to his knees.”

Troll-Man had arrived at his nadir and just realized he needed to begin doing things he was enthusiastic going to get himself in a good place again… a unique little something was making individuals chuckle.

“I chose to begin a parody client bolster page. I realized that the configuration of talk between a major organization and a client worked from my past viral. Be that as it may, I should have been the client backing to guarantee that exchange could exist. So I set up the parody profile.”

“Not long after setting up my page I would get messages from individuals in America asking my to change their passwords and so on. I expect in a disappointed state they would type client support in the hunt bar and hello presto they’re through to me. One woman requested that I change her secret key on her club account. You can see this post on my page, it’s stuck at the top. It’s the means by which I got my logo and picked the name the Amazing Troll Man… the cover seems to be like creepy crawly man you see.”



“My trolls have accumulated a ton of consideration. They’ve been shared by celebs and enormous pages on Facebook Twitter and Instagram.”

“One that truly got saw was the point at which I brought down a biased person on Marks and Spencer’s page.”

“Every once in a while I get the odd boycott and squares, yet it’s short of what you’d think. I can’t resist the urge to think the organizations very like my work as it makes individuals chuckle and doesn’t really place them in an awful light. I express the words they wish they could.”


Who else read that to the beat in their mind?

“I am particular on which grievances I react to. I never single out the normal individual with a basic issue, I pick those that will in general be pointlessly furious. My point is to placed them in their place a short time making others chuckle. I additionally trust they’ll make a stride back and take a gander at the circumstance and understand that they don’t have to pay attention to life so.”

It’s not about equity for the superfluously irate however, in spite of the fact that Troll-Man appreciates a breeze up as much as anybody. He does likewise prefer to diffuse the circumstance, and transform furious clients into snickering ones. “Being a troll is tied in with getting individuals to respond,” he let us know. “Before, trolls have attempted to persuade the response to be that of anger…. that is not me. The main response I need to bring out is chuckling. In the event that I can land individuals snickering my position is finished.”


‘Alright thanks’

Troll-Man is right now chipping away at a book about his encounters, which he disclosed to us will be titled “Your amicable neighborhood troll.” He has likewise had enthusiasm from different organizations since beginning the page, needing to utilize his administrations for copywriting, internet based life interchanges and so forth. His funniness is unmistakably having an effect!

“I figure organizations can gain from my posts… not every one of them but rather a few,” he finished up wisely, thumping out the cinder from his pipe and wearing his cape for the following experience. Who is by feel the fury of Troll-Man’s gnawing mind? The truth will surface eventually.


All things considered, you cant simply tell individuals “I’ll beat you up on the off chance that you come here” and not disclose to them where “here” is. It’s out and out discourteous ; )


This is funny!!! he is sooo genuis


More individuals need this insight.




Nothing more terrible than a laughed out loud tool.


…if it’s not too much trouble hold up…


in the event that it aint that hard I surmise starting now and into the foreseeable future they could make it them selfs at home XD jear desus LOL


“Whoever it was, give them a reward!” and different hiliarous stories you can tell chiefs


That is mother lovin clever!!


I am soooo in affection.


The lion the switch and the closet, totally splendid


possibly as unprofesionall as posting an item objection on an open board…




So a container of alcohol sold in a carefully Muslim nation would have serves a limitless number of individuals. Intriguing thought.



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