20 Hilarious Fish That Got Shamed Publicly For Being Naughty

Presumably the majority of us adore our pets totally unequivocally, whatever they are – cats, dogs or… Fish? You read it right! While the two felines and canines get heaps of consideration everywhere throughout the web, fish proprietors chose they are no lesser than the last mentioned. Having that as a main priority, somebody figured what could all the more likely get the consideration of individuals everywhere throughout the Internet if not some great old disgracing posts.


“I sometimes eat my friends.”


“I attack fish who come near my eggs, then eat the eggs myself.”


“I ate a dozen feeder fish in one sitting and threw up a carcass in front of company.”


“My name is Marcey. I wait until my mummies are asleep and then I spit stones all around to wake them up. EVERY NIGHT!”


“I terrorize all my tank mates (including two harmless snails), so now I live alone.”


Fish 1: “I flare at mommy when she tries to move the mermaid. It is mine.”

Fish 2: “I hoard food in my bubble nest and then don’t eat it. I eat my plant instead.”


“I tried to eat a stick…twice.”


“I rip my dad’s plants out of the pots for fun. This is why I can’t have nice things…”


“I immediately tried to eat the new snail.”


“I am deathly afraid of Amano Shrimp..So much so, this shrimp stole the food out of my mouth…And I did not stop him.


“I ate all my tank mates.”


“I am small and too shy to come from my wood cave. So I poop in the same spot. But the pile got too big and I had to move..”


“I played dead for 1/2 an hour by jamming myself under a rock.”


“I jumped clean out of the water and tried to bite my mom’s fingers while she was feeding me.”


“I bully the other fish.”


“I love to knock off the frogs after my human puts them up.”


“We eat our offspring.”


“Hello my name is Dale. My worst enemy i the staryy Blenny. When mom puts nori in, I wait for him to go eat some and then I swim up and rip it all off the clip for no reason other than I am rude.”


“I bullied my corydora tank mates so much that my mom boarded me at a pet shop for a month. When I came back, I chased the cories again.”


“My name is Marilyn and this is my timeout cup because I am mean to all my sorority tank mates.”

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