20 Completely Delusional and Funny People On Internet Marketplaces

Have you at any point needed to purchase a nativity scene that is gravely cut into a potato? Or then again a container of feline’s milk? How about we be sensible, you likely didn’t realize these things exist. In any case, on the off chance that you did, we know precisely where to discover them – the web commercial center. There’s simply something particular about individuals selling things on the web and our most logical option is that some of them are somewhat capricious. Shockingly, there are 162k individuals on a subreddit called r/delusionalcraiglist who wholeheartedly concur as they most likely have seen everything as of now.

In this well known subreddit, individuals share their most exceedingly awful experiences with venders who needed to make a brisk buck so terrible that they presumably offered their better judgment to the most elevated bidder, as well. From ponderously formed Cheetos to incredibly uncommon air, everything could be yours at an absurdly mind-boggling expense. Fascinated? Look beneath for the entire rundown of totally silly web commercial center includes!

1. No Pets

2. Bring A Chain Saw…

3. How Soon Can I Move In?

4. Ah Yes, Air..

5. A Quadruple Peanut!

6. But It’s Vintage!!

7. Are U Kidding $6!!

8. Facebook Marketplace Posting!

9. Tinkerbell Or Joan Rivers?

10. The Next Winner Of Last Cake Standing Right Here

11. Found This On The Gram

12. 0.45 Cheeto

13. We Banned Single Use Plastic Bags This Time Last Year

14. I Honestly Had No Idea How To Respond. Nearly 9 Months Later And They’re Still For Sale (No Surprise)

15. My Wife Was Very Excited To Find Something To Share…

16. Just Needs A New Screen!

17. Crocodeal Or No Deal

18. Burritos For Sale..

19. What A Steal. Oh Wait…

20. Is There A Hobby Or Something I’m Unaware Of?

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