20 Breathtaking Photos From All Over The World Compete For A Grand Prize Of $25,000 In The #AgoraAwards2019

Following 9 months of rivalry and in excess of 130,000 entries from picture takers everywhere throughout the world, the Top 50 finalists for the #AGORAawards2019 have been uncovered.

From seals laying on the Antarctic ice to Nomads crossing the Sahara desert, this determination will make you go over the mainlands to find the miracles of Planet Earth and its different societies, individuals and extraordinary scenes.

The AGORA Awards 2019, facilitated by allowed to-utilize photography application AGORA pictures will remunerate the best picture of the year with the excellent prize of $25,000 for its picture taker. In contrast to some other challenge, the third release of the AGORA Awards perceives the absolute most casted a ballot photograph of the year, with no photography type classifications.

The challenge has been running all through 2019, where picture takers from all around the globe – beginners and expert the same – could present their most ideal chances. The 50 finalists, originating from 21 unique nations, are currently contending to cast the most votes and will be granted on November sixth during the official AGORA grants function occurring in Barcelona.

1. Ant Balancing The Earth

It took the photographer 4 hours to take this shot of an ant carrying water drops spread on a piece of thread. By @anadgphotography (Philippines), Analiza De Guzman/AGORA images.

2. The Best Friends

A reptile and a snail having an adorable minute. by @andihalil (Indonesia), Andi Halil/AGORA pictures

3. Incense Work

In Vietnam, incense is known to interface living individuals with precursors and divine beings. By @ptkhanhhvnh (Vietnam), Khánh Phan/AGORA images

4. Reaching For Heaven

The Mont Saint Michel, France, lost in the middle of the fog. By @thedronelad (UK), Konrad Paruch/AGORA images

5. Rainy Day

Red-eyed tree frog in West Java. By @hendymp (Indonesia), Hendy MP/AGORA images

6. Songs Of Freedom

More than a photo – an unspoken struggle for freedom and belonging, inspired by Bob Marley’s ‘Redemption Song’. By @eighthman (Ghana), Michael Aboya/AGORA images

7. Alone In The Desert

The shot was taken from a high dune in Merzouga, Morocco, where Nomads are seen moving through the Sahara desert. By @carlesalonsophotography (Spain), Carles Alonso/AGORA images

8. Mother’s Goodness

Perfect timing for this shot of a Hoopoe bird feeding its chicks. By @phyomoe (Myanmar), Phyo Moe/AGORA images

9. Echoes Of The Unknown

The photographer wanted to display the cordial relationship between a man and a beast. By @theeastwoodexperience (Ghana), Clement Eastwood/AGORA images

10. Run And Fun

Young monks having fun at the Hsinbyume Pagoda. By @lingling25 (Myanmar), Ling Ling/AGORA images

11. Under The Light Making Batik Crafts

Batik making in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Batik is a technique of wax-resist dyeing applied to whole cloth. The lady pictured has been mastering this art for the past 35 years. With this picture, the photographer hopes to keep this tradition alive. by @_bimo_ (Indonesia), Bimo Pradityo/AGORA images

12. Veins Of Earth

The Amazon-like shot was taken in East Sussex, where the Cuckmere river divides the grasslands. By @hugohealy (UK), Hugo Healy/AGORA images

13. Colors Of Life

Women fishing in West Bengal before heading to the market. By @pranab_basak (India), Pranab Basak/AGORA images

14. Wild Look

Lynx spotted in the Cábarceno Natural Park. By @saavedraphotography (Spain), Sergio Saavedra/AGORA images

15. Reitdiephaven

Long exposure sunset shot in the District in the city of Groningen, Netherlands By @anskar (Germany), Anskar Lenzen/AGORA images

16. Sand Wasp With Prey

This wasp is on a mission to bring its prey home! By @pokokemoto (Indonesia), Imam Primahardy/AGORA images

17. Motherly Love

More than a 2-hour wait for this photographer to capture a tender moment between a chimpanzee and its infant at the Tenerife zoo. By @santiagolopezfotografia, Santiago López/AGORA images

18. Unknown

Taking this shot without getting his lenses soaked was a hard exercise for this photographer in Tumpak Sewu Waterfall, East Java. By @jprphotos (UK), Jonathan Rogers/AGORA images

19. Rainbow Reine

Double rainbow spotted as the photographer was crossing a bridge in the Lofoten Islands. By @uglefisk (Norway), Paal Lund/AGORA images

20. Throwing Nets

Fisherman in action at the Situ Patenggang lake. By @g13nnn (Indonesia), Glenn Valentino/AGORA images

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