Pakistani Donald Trump, Imran Khan, Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah Introduces The World to the “PAKISTANI DONALD TRUMP”

Ever since Donald Trump has taken the Presidential Office of the United States of America he has become a frequently discussed topic. Trump has faced a lot of criticism based on his affluent background and not knowing what life is like for a normal American citizen. Amidst all these critical stories and commentary on Trump , Comedy Central UK’s Trevor Noah tried to lighten the mood by pointing out the similarities between President Donald Trump and Pakistan’s newly elected Premier Imran Khan. Noah called Imran Khan the “Pakistani Donald Trump” based on similarities between the two popular leaders.

Imran Khan who is a sports celeb and former heartthrob; has also been criticism owing to his affluent background and his Casanova lifestyle. His controversial popularity is one similarity that he has with Trump. Another similarity is the fact that he won the election with his popularity *cough* Just like Trump*cough*.

Noah also shows The Pakistani Trump Tower or Imran Khans lair if you may. And of course the similar sexual harassment scandals that both leaders can boast in their immaculate profile.

Enough details it would be more enjoyable for our readers to hear it from the horses own mouth.So without further ado here is Trevor Noah Introducing the world to the “Pakistani Donald Trump”

 Source: Comedy Central UK

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