Varun Grover Denies Harassment Claims

Sacred Games writer and lyricist Varun Grover accused of sexual harassment

A woman leveled sexual harassment charge against famous screenwriter and lyricist Varun Grover on Tuesday. According to her, the incident took place way back in 2001. However, Varun has denied all the sexual harassment claims against him while issuing an official statement. Varun, in a Twitter post, has said “I completely, totally, categorically deny all the allegations being made. The screenshot in question is untrue, misleading, and defamatory to say the least. Issuing a detailed statement soon.”

He also claimed that he “NEVER touched any person inappropriately in life.” However, he took his stand for the ongoing #MeToo campaign while stating “I know it must be really disheartening for so many people to read these allegations about me and I understand if you want to keep your distance and believe them for now — but I promise you I will clear my name from this defamatory tactic. Till then, keep #MeToo alive and don’t let such stary cases hamper your spirit.”

Varun Grover

Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap took his stand with Varun and demand that the concerned authorities should investigate the claims. Anurag, in his Twitter account, said that he “refuses to believe any allegations about him (Varun Grover),” and added “This man I have known so closely and so so long that I refuse to believe any allegations about him. #believethevictim and investigate the claims and also be careful to not let vested interests sabotage a long pending genuine movement.”

Varun Grover Harassment Claims

Another famous filmmaker, Neeraj Ghaywan, also took his stand beside Varun and said “I know Varun for the large part of my life. I can never believe he would do such a thing. Never. Those allegations reek of vindictive behaviour and not a shred of truth in them. Absolutely, 100%, in solidarity with his statement below (denial statement on Twitter),” and added “It’s appalling how such slanderous allegations are trying to sabotage the #MeToo movement in India. Varun is someone who is truly putting his weight and career behind for this movement. It is horribly irresponsible of whoever is behind this to malign him.”