Why Zayn Malik Left Islam

Possible Reasons Why Zayn Malik Might have Left Islam

Zayn Malik is a name that is not unknown to anyone. Famed Musician and Full time Heart-Throb Zayn Malik has garnered a fan following in Millions around the globe. His humongous fan following may be attributed to a few things. Firstly he is an amazing singer and his vocal finesse is worthy of praise. Secondly he is a very fine looking gentleman and he makes teenage girls weak in the knees.But the third reason maybe attributed to his global fan following; it is because is Muslim and Half Pakistani.

When Zayn Malik started becoming prominent in the industry he received a hearty welcome by Muslims music enthusiasts all around the world , especially from Pakistani fans as they could relate to him being half Pakistani from his Dads Side.

Zayn Malik’s journey to fame started when he auditioned for reality TV Show The X Factor in 2010(he was 17 at the Time.Although Zayn couldn’t go on to win the Final Round of the competition, but it sure paved his way into the billboard charts. Zayn Malik was grouped with with fellow competitors Harry StylesNiall HoranLiam Payne and Louis Tomlinson by  judges of the show i.e. Nicole Scherzinger and Simon Cowell. This group went on to become one of the hottest Boy Band’s of its time called One Direction.Their first big contract was worth £2 million signed with Syco Records. Since then Zayn Malik’s Popularity has Sky Rocketed.

In 2015 Zayn Malik left One Direction after he had several disagreement with his fellow band members. Becoming a solo act didn’t come in the way of Zayn Malik’s success his solo album “Mind of Mine” did good business to say the least.

Recently Zayn Malik revealed in an interview that he does not identify himself as a Muslim anymore.His statement left fans in utter disbelief as he has a large Muslim/Pakistani fan following.

Since his Revelation there has been a massive debate heating up on social media about Zayn Malik leaving Islam.Let us look at the reasons why Zayn Malik may have left Islam.


Possible Reasons Why Zayn Malik Might have Left Islam:

Zayn Malik’s father Yaser Malik is from Pakistan and his Mother Tricia Brannan is of English/Irish Descent. Although Zayn was born into a Muslim house hold , but he was not born in a ‘practicing’ Muslim Household… Which means that he was never too religiously inclined.

Secondly, Zayn can identify better with people that live a rebellious lifestyle and do not really believe in the concept of God.

Zayn Malik has always been known as the “Bradford Bad Boy” because of his style, scandals and tattoos. He has always been fond of getting tattoos (an act which is Strictly Forbidden in Islam). He always stated that he did not want to be classified by race, religion or background.

Zayn Malik’s excessive fame ,wealth and bad boy lifestyle drove him away from religion. So it shouldn’t come as a massive shock to his Muslim fans because Zayn Malik wasn’t too Islamic in the first place. Religion is a personal matter and fans shouldn’t be too enraged with something that was actually obvious in the first place.


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