Paul McCartney Pranks Fans in Elevator performs ‘Come On to Me’ and Dances With Kendall Jenner on ‘Fallon’

The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon is a huge success and you can’t actually argue as this show went on entertaining the masses as the world’s longest running talk shows. Carrying on with the repute, this Saturday, this show had to offer something that would have been remembered for long for sure. Why not it would have been remembered for that long as the Beatles legend Paul McCartney arrived as the guest on the show and with mixing up with Jimmy Fallon, what they had to provide was ‘pure entertainment’.

There were many stints of Paul McCarthy to be remembered as the guest in this episode and the host Jimmy Fallon equally backing him up. One of the most interesting acts they executed was a prank on the unaware bunch of people on the elevator as both the stars sat or stood in front of them with giving them the surprise of their life.

Many of the fans were like dumb-founded at the moment and some were even lacking the ability to react to this. In short, the Thursday night at the ‘Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ was a night of smiles and happiness.

Fallon took the complete advantage of having the Beatles star on his show also went on asking him to perform on ‘Come On to Me’. And this wasn’t the end at all as McCartney also showed some dance moves with Kendall Jenner.

There was much more to be talked about this particular night. Here are some of the clips better telling you the story of McCartney winning the hearts.





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