No matter how big my daughter gets, she’ll always be my little Angel

There is another way to make things amazing for my girl but she is amazing to share all happy moments with me. She loves to have a good time with me.

From past few days I am just in deep thinking about my daughter. I felt that her shirt hugging her too tightly and she is now above the edges in her shirts corners. It’s in front of my eyes that her shirts became smaller. I am happy to see that change.

I purchased a few beautiful clothes including colorful shirts for her and But I observed that in a few months she needs one size up. I am happy that my girl had become a big girl. Going near to my shoulders. I am excited that next, she will get clothes in the area of the ‘big girls’ category of online shopping stores.

Got some beautiful top from stores and just saw them to go down in front of me.  I personally examine them all to get the right idea about her size.

Each time I feel to provide her best with the best fitting. After a few days, her size makes me worried to see with keen eyes that when and how I need to make the adjustment with her clothes. I want to see her very comfortable and easy in her outfits. Now she gains the right knowledge about her personality and choices. She gives me choices for her dresses. I am happy to accept her choice and preferences.

“Gettin’ rid of some clothes, mom?” she asked, joining me in her closet.

“Uh- Uh”, It was her cute response to my concerns about her. She responded to me by wrapping her arms around my shoulders before leaving the room to play with her little brother.

In fact, the truth is, she will always be my little girl and angel. Even she is not ready to respond in the same way. She saying she is mature and bigger now and she is able to be my friend. I love to see her as my friend but she is still my little child as before.

I want to hold her always in my arms even if she is bigger and near to my head and shoulders. She is the girl who never hesitates to wrap her arms around my shoulders and waist and I love to have it around. I always love to see her as my little girl with sparkling eyes.
This story is written after the inspiration of her post on A Beautifully Burdened Life. 
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