Made the Giff of Each Family Picture to Share them with all in attractive Manners

This Story is based on the personal sharing and experience of a photographer. He shared his words and explained how he working on his passion and craze. Here we are going to share in own words.

I am a Photographer and photography is my passion. I regularly organize different type of photography events and tours in Vietnam for newbies in this field. My help and service are for all fellows around the globe. I always enjoy the tours and it is my passion to travel in different countries to capture the natural beauty of the world.

Zinni is my daughter and my inspiration in my work. She is three years old and very cute girl. I want to capture all the beautiful moments with her to make them a beautiful memory on every stage of her life.

Life always dealing us in different approaches and there are many ways to deal with with the children like books, schools, and adventures etc. I did not choose the typical ways to teach my child but I decided to adopt the practical approach to teach my child about life and happiness. I am giving her practical life experiences. She learns quickly how to deal life and how life is good and bad in our act and approach to deal with it. So she can decide how to differentiate different situations according to good and bad circumstances.

Here sharing amazing collection from my visit with my wife and daughter. Photos are taken on a different location on different situations from the farthest places such as Khanh Hoa, Phu Yen, Khanh Hoa or Saigon Street to small market around the corner.

It was a good idea to make the Gif of the different pictures. It’s more interesting and appealing to see. The reality is this; it is not easy to capture the pictures of a child. She is an intelligent girl and very familiar to my tools but still, she is hard to manage. In some situation, she does not want o cooperate more.

It is my message that such photos are quite important I want to share them with everyone, “not limit the visibility of children; and let them touch what they see”.
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A mother sacrifices her time and age with a child and it would be best when she gets the same in her old age.

You Can Enjoy the Bubble Pop Same as to Consider it Your life to deal with.  

Don’t love with those who stick their tongues out, play with those who happy with you

Be Smart Cross You Ways – Cross the Road and Find Your Path

A Girl Love to Learn But This Time its Time to Learn Cooking.

When you grow up, you will wish you were a kid again, and your mother will help you to make your time memorable.

When you grow up, you will wish you were a kid again, and your mother will help you to stop your time with memorable pictures.

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