Hackers Strike Again To Help Pewdiepie Against T-Series

A few days shy of the recent 50,000 printer hack by HackerGiraffe to help Pewdiepie remain the most subscribed YouTuber against T-Series growing numbers, his fans have stepped up again. This time by hacking Grand Theft Auto V.

As the battle for the top spot continues. Fans started tweeting Pewdiepie with screenshots of in-game pop-up message that read, “Subscribe to Pewdiepie on YouTube”.

This comes shortly after the printer hack in UK and Canada. The campaign has taken a serious turn and is committed to keep Pewdiepie at the top. The popular America vlogger Mr. Beast being at the forefront uploading a stream where he said “Pewdiepie” 100,000 times and Justin Roberts, member of Team 10, spending a whopping $1million to buy a billboard in Time Square to promote Pewdiepie.

Felix (Pewdiepie), who in many of his videos has mentioned that he was surprised that no one stepped up to his subscriber count sooner and is not really bothered by it as well. However, he has been left in awe and praises his friends (Markiplier, Jacksepticeye) and fans playing their parts, regardless of how mind-boggling they are.

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