Entertaining Expressions of Dogs Trying To Grab the Treats in Mid-Air

A Photographer Christian Vieler is expert in her Art of photography. She knows well how to capture the moments well. She has the specialization to capture the glorious moments of happiness and beauty. She captured the incredible moments of a dog trying to snaffle treats out of midair. She captured the moments of happiness of the beautiful creature. Anyone who owns a dog knows how important treat for them and how they enjoy the treats in the meal. They enjoyed the meal and photographer was trying to capture the moments when they are busy to hold that moment when they do not agree to wait for more fore treat. Who knows when the next treat will be provided? So the risk is not possible in that case.
Each picture shows the different emotions and expressions of a dog. It is a beautiful way to read the nature of the dogs while eating of love meal. As we can clearly read them and can predict their attitude towards their next move. There is a book by the name of Treat! In which writer Vieler discuss the reactions of the dogs which she was documented since 2013.

Vieler’s Facebook and Instagram accounts are sources of inspiration for pet lovers. They can get ideas and learning to understand the dog’s reactions and mood. People are excited to read or follow her and anxiously waiting for the next updates and pictures of the dog’s emotions and reactions. Models are always happy to perform the art they love. Scroll down and enjoy the incredible moments and click for pet and all pet lovers will love it.







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