Disney Princesses Together With Their Eeevee Mates In This Crossover Art Series

It is strange to see the Disney princess with her companions other than mischievous chameleon friend Pascal, and Ariel is friends with Flounder the fish but she is with her new companion animal sidekick.

Princess enjoyed a new company by suddenly switching her last company into iconic companions to stay peace and calm.  With that idea in mind, Eric Proctor, better known as TsaoShin on social media channels, created a new art series where he created nine of the Disney princesses forming friendships with… different kinds of Eevee evolutions!

We can consider them a perfect match to play with each other. It will be the new kind of series full of adventures and wonder. We are sharing the new facts.

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Source: boredpanda.com

#1 Silveon and Aurora

#2 Tiana And Leafeon

#3 Glaceon and Elsa

#4 Espeon and Esmeralda 

#5 Belle And Eevee

#6 Umbreon and Jasmine

#7 Vaporeon and Ariel 

#8 Jolteon and Rapunzel

#9 Silveon and Aurora

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