Diamond Finger Piercing Is A Viral Trend Among Engaged Couples, And We Don’t Know Why!

A diamond is a beautiful attractive stone to wear. It might be interesting if you fixing it in your Skin to grab the extra attention of your partner. Couples, these days took this idea seriously and trying to do something different to make the relationship Special. See it and Enjoy!


Piercing has been a great charm and foundation of aesthetics since the beginning of the time. In the process activities of body alteration Piercing has a special attraction. In that whole way and trends, there are some emerging patterns that are definitely not much comfortable with several reasons but still have huge excitement in its nature. Youngsters are happy to adopt this thrill to make their moments and relationship special.

The thrill that we are talking about is engagement finger piercings’ which going to viral rapidly on Social Media.

In this trend, we just get some viral stories with a clear picture of piercings. Couples started the dermal piercing. This trend will make them able to insert the diamond straightforwardly in the finger. They just ignored the customary wedding ring and adopt this thrill of being viral on social media.

Whitney Lapointe who works at the village in Toronto expressed her views on the emerging trend. She is body piercer by profession.

She Said, Everyone has a soft muscle at the midpoint of each finger which makes your finger more flexible. There are very fewer tissues to work in this part. So the dermal may not fix very smooth to the finger.

Furthermore, the piercing will be able to exchange the diamond for some other attractive ways to design the finger. This process is quite dangerous due to many reasons but still, couples are happy to adopt the change.

This will create a hard scare on the finger then if this person will get the wedding ring later he will not able to adjust on that finger due to the deep nasty scare on the finger. An open wound will make you more irritate and you would not be able to enjoy your most precious moments while wedding. It is risky for serious infection. You are putting your hand in pocket, using a knit blanket, putting on knit sweaters and doing dishwashing etc., it’s just a risky act, she added.

Lapointe further expressed about the approached and requests for this strange trend, We are not able to proceed the huge requests at our shop for the piercing due to safety risk. Even I get more requests for ‘snake eye’ piercings which is also not much recommended due to safety reasons.
Lapointe added her views with regards to organizations that offer trendy piercings, “various piercers do Microdermals with a dermal punch and few use a needle technique.”

“The process is common. Sign a contract or statement, choose jewelry, mark the area after cleaning it, and make sure that you are not on any risk. Patience is the key factor during the process. Someone who looks calm and professional but also experienced in his area is the right man to operate for you. Sometimes we cannot perform the piercings due to the uncomfortable or not ideal anatomy, she explained

There are some Against statements are also viral on social media. which get the hype. This trend got much attention in young generation due to its unique way. but it is not recommended adventure.

Emily Marcus on Twitter:  “I would rather be single my entire life.”  She tried to react in against, but in a positive manner.
It is strange trend on Instagram and some other social media platforms. You can share your views and more information in comments.


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