What Demi Lovato Did In Israel? Angry People Respond Harshly | Demi Lovato Controversy | Demi Support Israel Or Palestine

Demi Lovato an American Singer, Cristian raised and have Jewish ancestry. She recently had a trip to Israel. Where she went to most famous places of Israel like being baptized in the Jordan river, the World Holocaust Remembrance Canter, in Jerusalem.

Where she has shared her many photos on instagram and wrote “This trip has been so important for my well-being, my heart, and my soul. I’m grateful for the memories made and the opportunity to be able to fill the God-sized hole in my heart. Thank you for having me Israel”.

After having amazing tour in Israel Demi Lovato return United State earlier this week. She describe as a “magical” Journey travelling around Israel.

When she retuned back US she experience a lot of hate and criticism from her fans on social media. Her fans are criticising her for promoting or supporting Israel where there is conflict and war between Israel and Palestine. And blaming her that Demi Lovato’s posts are meant to represent the political stance on the conflict she want to support Israel.

She realised that she offended her fans because of her recent posts and she wrote a instagram story to apologise all of them.

Demi Lovato said she had no idea that people will get them to Political stage indeed she had no intentions for that she was just admiring the beauty of Israel and sharing some beautiful moments with her fans. She also wrote that if she made any one disappointed she is apologising for that, and she said i’m really feeling guilty for upsetting people they meant a lot to me i cant make them feel disappointed by my side.

“This was meant to be a spiritual experience for me, NOT A POLITICAL STATEMENT” Demi Lovato “Now I realise it hurt people and for that I’m sorry”.

The singer said sorry to her fans and she said she is not well educated and she had no idea, that her statement and photos will hurt people this much. she said for me that was just a amazing spiritual experience that made me feel calm and peaceful.

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