Shadab Khan Scandal With Zainab Abbas | What Alan Wilkins Reveals | Rumors Or Reality Whats Going On

by Adeel Rauf
2 minutes read

A Welsh Cricket commentator Alan Wilkins recently wished Happy Birthday to Pakistani cricket player Shadab Khan on his Birthday. And his tweet stirred up huge controversy.

He didn’t only wished him good wishes but he also said are you still dating Zainab Abbas? Are they hiding their relationship from public and keeping it secret?

It all begin on (22,june 2019) when Zainab Abbas went on tour with the entire team of PSL and their love birds met and fell in love.

In the initials time of their relationship every thing was going on twitter and nothing was hidden. Shadab Khan shared a picture with Zainab Khan on twitter and wrote “We are looking like a couple” and Shadab’s close friend Hassan Ali ( Pakistan Cricket bowler) replied on same post and commented “Yes couple of close friends”.

After a while an unexpected reply popped up of Zainab Abbas and that comment changed the game and made every one clear about their relationship. She wrote “Nope i love him a lot” with a shy emoji. She actually replied to Hassan Ali that they are not good friend but they are truly a couple and she love’s him. That was last news about their relation and they kept every thing hidden and recently a friend of Shadab Khan Alan Wilkins shared a post on twitter and reminded every body about their relation. He wrote H-birthday and are you still dating Zainab Abbas? According to the source their relation was just a lie and people had forgotten. But actually they kept their relation a secret riddle.

And never wanted to share with any one. Until the tweet of Alan Wilkins opened up a new controversy and shared the truth and exposed them openly. His tweet is open sign of their love. But why Zainab Abbas and Shadab Khan kept it hidden. many people talk about they will expose their relation after marriage. what actually is cooking between them?

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