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Does Disney now hiring Pakistani celebrities

Pakistani stars are the most beautiful people around the world. And we all know that they are all holding certain charm and huge fan following too. Their looks and their personalities are unique and they are most desirable across the world’s fashion and cinema. Especially the actresses of Lollywood are prettiest and most lovely beauty queens.

Just imagine if they have played the role of some Disney stars how would it look like? People used Youtoonify to animate their loving stars and made their Disney characters. Down below you will see the avatar of Pakistani Celebrities into Disney costume and you will wonder how stunning they look.

1- Sara Khan as Elsa 

The queen of hearts looks like a dreamy girl in blue eyer costume of Elsa.

2- Iqra Aziz as Bella

She is well known cutest star of Pakistan cinema with millions of fans and she looks more cute in Bella dress.

3- Yasir Hussain as Beasty Prince 

He is the most desirable star of Pakistan and he is also most handsome actor of Lollywood. He steals the show in this avatar of Beasty Prince. And he seems to had done good job if he was staring in that role.

4- Sajal Aly as Prince Jasmine 

She is a huge star of Pakistan TV and she also has done a movie in Bollywood. She is cutest actress of Lollywood and looking stunning in Princes Jasmine look.

5- Ahad Raza Mir as Aladdin

As Aladdin is most famous role in the World and if Ahad Raza Mir the Pakistani handsome actor has done this role 

6- Urwa Hocane as Rapunzel 

The Queen of Lollywood and the Queen of million of fans she looks exactly like a Queen in this dress of Rapunzel.

7- Naimal Khawar Khan as Princess Aurora

The pakhtoon actress with a most gorgeous face and with extra acting skill looks beautiful lady here and she is most talented girl in Lollywood town and its very obvious that she looks stunning in the Princess Aurora dress.

8- Mahira Khan as Mulan 

Breathtaking look of Mahira khan as mulan, surely makes her fan to love her more as she looks innocent beauty in this costume.

9- Maya Ali as Cinderella

Maya Ali is most beautiful girl in Pakistan cinema and she is killing in this look of Cinderella.

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