Artist Paints Creatures Due to Her Creative Visualization called Pareidolia

Do you experience this in your childhood that different shapes of clouds in the sky and paints on the wall projected animals and the various scene of life due to your imaginations? This phenomenon is known as Pareidolia. It is the way and process to take some imaginations in your mind by considering the things accordingly. In most cases, such people can find meaningful images in complete random or unclear visualization. We can fit that imagination in random concepts.

This phenomenon is very common in our childhood and sometimes we are able to do such visualization in our adulthood also. It is a talent to adopt the things in visualization form. For example, when these people see a cloud that makes them think about kitten, puppies or if they look at the carpet, its shape might perhaps form a goat or camel for them.

Many artists use this phenomenon to create something very unique and creative. Russian artist Anna Chvindt used this phenomenon to make amazing pieces of art by painting the concepts she got from wall and clouds. She observed that Pareidolia is the best source to create an amazing piece of arts. She created many paintings of camels, owls, goats, animated movie characters.

Scroll down the page to see her imaginations in visual form on painting boards and papers. You will feel amazed to see that because it will remind you of your childhood.






















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