Amazing Story from Eastern Water Dragon Eggs to cute Water Dragon in Garden with Deep Care of a family

An Australian Family shared the story of their amazing act to take care of Eastern Water Dragon Eggs. They create an amazing story of love for wildlife. A Family is living in Sydney, Australia. Australia is famous for the existence of wildlife. They found an Eastern Water Dragon in their garden. This egg was on their poolside on a hot sunny day. They observed it the whole day and found it an amazing piece of creation for which they can make an amazing plan.  Next day they noticed a female next to the flower pot and spotted the eggs right in front of the pot after a day. They save that egg and covered it with soil. They wanted to know more about it. They used Google and done complete research on it that what and when they would hatch. With the hatching time getting closer they paid careful attention to the eggs (4 of the 9 eggs looked pretty okay and 5 seemed to be infertile – all wrinkled up).

They notice some soft slice in the egg and they shifted that egg to a terrarium that was arranged specially for them. All such type of process usually happens underground and the human eye is unable to see the natural process. But it was amazing for them to see the whole process with extra care and deep observation. It was a good chance for them to learn the natural process. The eggs hatched one day after another and it was marvelous to be a part of this. It was their observation that “all females as it turns out they are a temperature-dependent-sex animal”. Sydney had hot weather and sunny days. Now they were free to grow and enjoy in the backyard.

Courtesy for the Story:

Getting ready for the big world

The dragon can wait to see more beauty

From the time that the hatching started this would be about 5 hours later

Almost out of the shell 

Named the first one is Khalesi

Other one hatched the following day

Big smile for the camera

Waiting for egg three to hatch

Now They were three

Finally all four beautiful eastern water dragons

They are just gorgeous and able to get love and attention

Minutes before they were set free

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