Best Grey hairstyle

A radical celebration of the natural phenomenon of grey hair Going grey?

Some incredible topics and areas need to be covered due to their unique worth. There is an Instagram account dedicated to women having stylish grey hairs with a beautiful look. There natural grey hairs make them more gorgeous. It is not necessary to be more gorgeous in grey hairs but Yes! Few women are more beautiful in it. It is common phenomena to have age complex with grey hairs and women trying to use best hair colors for a stunning look. On the other side, few women love their original look with grey hairs. All incredible women shared their unique styles on Instagram.
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grey hair

“I sat with the idea of going gray for years. I let it stew in the back of my mind as I scheduled my days around my next dye session; scouring Pinterest and Youtube for inspiration. I was dyeing my hair every 2-3 weeks but seeing roots every 2-3 days. I have a long list of reasons I was done with the dye. Even now I read posts by my silver sisters and think, ‘Yes!! that too!’ The process was definitely tough at times. It’s a mind game, really. And there are so many thoughts that pushed me through. This is one of them…I have been fascinated by my father’s silver for YEARS. It looked SO cool when he was just a bit of salt and a whole lot of pepper and it’s now this amazing silver with just the slightest touch of dark. I loved every stage of watching his silver come in. At some point, I realized I didn’t want to miss out on that. I want to watch time paint more and more silver through my hair. It’s slow magic but magic nonetheless.”


grey hairs

“Everyone seems so concerned about covering up the grays, but the more mine grows in, the more brave and confident I feel! I’ve embraced a non-toxic natural lifestyle in most other areas of my life, and this is the last area that I’ve been holding onto. It’s time to get to a place where I don’t have to keep exposing myself to harmful toxins and be radiantly silver!”


Grey Hairs

“I stopped coloring my hair late 2016, after being diagnosed with a couple of autoimmune issues. My hair was so thin from years of coloring and Thyroid disease, that I finally decided enough is enough. I LOVE MY GRAY! My hair is growing faster, has thickened up quite a bit, and looks better than ever. I’ve never had so many good hair days! Gray is beautiful. Loving it!”


Best Grey hairstyle

“Sorry I can’t hear you over the volume of my hair. Here’s to turning up the volume and not listening to the expectations or opinions of others. Love who you are. Know you are created for a purpose.”


stylish grey hairs

“Nearly 5 months and counting! I dyed my hair for the last time on November 4, 2018. I’m 41 and started prematurely graying at 30. (I get it from my Daddy 😊) Before then, I had accepted that dyeing my hair was going to be my life until I’m at least in my 50s because gray hair “made me look so old and like I’ve let myself go”. I was really fine with coloring it even though it was an annoying, timely and messy process at home and expensive at salons. My husband had been encouraging me to grow out my gray hair for years, but I wasn’t ready. Then, (I don’t even remember precisely how it happened) I started seeing here on Instagram that I wasn’t alone, that I wasn’t the only woman whose gray strands were taking over her hair. AND that I wasn’t alone in my initial feelings of frustration and sometimes embarrassment that my hair color didn’t fall in line with traditional beauty/age standards. The last straw was seeing gray hairs make their debut less than two weeks after coloring! I realized it was time to give up and let nature run its course with dignity. So here I am! I’m natural, but I recently straightened my hair to stretch it and see how far it’s grown. Here is my journey so far.”


“I am a 22 years old Mexican-American from the Chicago-land area. I began growing a few strands of grey hair around 12 years old. During my high school years I would constantly dye my hair because of how embarrassed I would feel when someone would call them out. Within the last 2 years however, I have been letting them flourish & grow to their fullest grey potential & it has been the best decision I’ve done. It has given me a closer sense of connection to where I come from and how to love everything that I was born with.”


“Over 2 years dye free and I love not being a slave to the dye, best decision ever. Also trying to be brave with my choice of colors, I might even wear red lips in public!” (Editor’s note: you should 100% wear red lipstick in public. It looks stunning on you!)


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What are the grow-out tips you’ve picked up so far? , “Gray hair tip I’ve learned from my Grombre Girls…a sleek ponytail or bun helps during the grow out stage!”


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“My last dye was 23 weeks ago today. I didn’t know it would be the last time. But a month later my father passed away suddenly, and everything since has changed. I realized that coloring my hair had shifted from a fun choice to a fear choice: fear of being judged, fear of aging, fear of death.
These things don’t hold weight for me any longer. Growing is a privilege. I feel honored to be part of a radical revolution, redefining beauty, and owning what is real. So I take a deep breathe and head out into the world with my whites shining through. No more hiding.”


grey hairs

“Less self-conscious… More self-aware. 13 months dye free and loving my hair and myself more everyday.”
All gorgeous ladies enjoying their original look with more comfort and pride.