A First Look at Hellboy 2019 Official Trailer – Hellboy Reboot Will Release in April 2019

The first trailer for the Hellboy reboot has been released today.
Del Toro’s Plans of making a sequel of the Hellboy were cancelled Which gave way to a more action-forward reboot film.
The trailer features a peek of David Harbour from Stranger Things wearing Mike Mignola’s iconic Hellboy design. The storyline of the film revolves around Hellboy as he battles medieval sorceress Nimue the Blood Queen, who aims to destroy mankind. The movie also feature Milla Jovovich from Resident Evil as Nimue; and Ian McShane from American Gods as Trevor Bruttenholm, head of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense; Sasha Lane from American Honey as Alice Monaghan, Hellboy’s love interest in the comics; and Daniel Dae Kim from Lost as Ben Daimio.
The Screenwriter of Hellboy Reboot , Andrew Cosby claims that it is “a darker, more gruesome version of Hellboy.” He also said that “Neil said from the very beginning that he wanted to walk a razor’s edge between between horror and comic book movie.”
The Hellboy Reboot  will hit theaters on April 12, 2019.Without further ado lets watch Hellboy (2019) trailer.

Hellboy 2019 Trailer:

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