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A Cheap Bride Gets Her Makeup Done During a Trial and Mislead the Makeup Artist, She Shares a Story to warn others

Cheap bride has her makeup done during a trial session

A wedding day is a special day for everyone’s life. Everyone wants to make it special. It is a natural desire to look beautiful on this big day. All want to hire the best makeup artist to get the beautiful look. Many of them, request to makeup artist for a trial session because no one wants to make this day odd.

It is the common policy to offer the trial session to the bride to get the idea about her look and beauty. During this trial session both, makeup artist and bride trying to understand each other’s level, suitable things,  and ways to get perfect look on the big day.

The trial session usually has cheap price as compared to regular makeup on a big day.

It all started when she received a call from the bride to schedule a bride makeup testing session. However, the bride seemed to be very fussy as she came up with a lot of requirements before her testing session.

However, a makeup artist faced deceived during a trial session. A cheap bride gets her all makeup done as a bride and it was just a trial session. A makeup artist feeling deceived, this makeup artist shares this story to social media to warn other professional fellows. She advised them to be careful in such cases.

She wrote how she was demanding for her makeup before the trial session, she came with many requirements for her makeup.

The requirements include:

  1. I have my own branded makeup that I bought from France to use during the session.
  2. I want to use a specific brand of lipstick, eye shadow, nail polish, and liquid foundation and will not use anything else.
  3. I have skin allergy so need to be extra careful before trying makeup.
  4. Please do make up for my husband also, he is a self-conscious person and wants to make sure everything is perfect.
  5. Please make my eyes like a doll. I have attractive eyes but can be further improved.

Other than these requirements she was rude and ill-mannered. She complained again and again about the makeup and style of dealing.

The makeup artists used to manage the huge business but she felt strange this time. Being a professional artist it was her duty to share this matter on social media to be aware of other fellows and professionals. After all makeup and settings, the bride paid her for a trial session and left the place.

In the end, the bride was fully satisfied

“Thank you very much for the makeup testing session. I will go back to home and consider if I would love to engage your service on my actual wedding day soon,” said the bride to the makeup artist.

When makeup artist gets the satisfied look on her face she felt happy and was consider it order on her wedding day. She was shocked when she scrolls her social media profile and found some posts.

“I saw on my Facebook that the bride from this morning’s trial session got married?! She must be unaware that I have quite a huge network of friends and I would definitely find out!” said the makeup artist.

Makeup Artist was annoyed and wanted to spread the story to other professionals.

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