20 The Emotions of the Dogs Express With Their Faces

There are two photographers from Turin Italy. They are expert in pet photography. They adopt it as passion. They just love to capture the different moments of pets. “Dogs and us photography” is the brand they established in 2009. In the start, they were focused on their own pet and his feelings and emotions but with the passage of time, they felt that it is a complete language.
They started to capture the dog and master relations and emotions. It is an art. You need to capture the perfect moments for this you need to have perfect timings and patience to deal with pets and their attitude.
They shared about their journey that how they started their work with passion and how they made friends in their domain to get the best stuff in photography. They shared that, “After all it was the time when we were able to understand the language of pets and their mood swings. We have witnessed carousels of joy, exuberance, fear, gratitude, anger, doubt, amazement, patience and resignation. Their faces turn into the expressions in the response of human behaviors, we only need a small dose of sensitivity in order to read, and they become open books.
Their work and art is the open picture of pets and their owner’s relationship. They shared their work on a blog and social media. We can follow them to understand this art.

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