Police chief of Romania sacked after teen ‘murdered by abductor’

by Sarmad Masood
2 minutes read

After the killing of a young girl whose repeated emergency calls went unheeded for hours, Romania’s interior minister shot the police chief.

The 15-year-old was kidnapped on Wednesday, but was able to create three calls and give information of where she was being held to policemen.

Her family say officers didn’t take her calls seriously, while police say they were having trouble tracking her.

The girl is believed to have died in her captor’s hands.

Police discovered the girl’s human remains and jewelry at a house and arrested for questioning a 65-year-old person.

Police say the girl, who was only recognized as Alexandra, was abducted while attempting to hitchhike to her home in Caracal’s southern town.

She called the emergency hotline three times on Thursday morning, saying she was kidnapped by a car driver who had picked her up, reports from the AFP news agency.

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Alexandra shouted “he’s coming, he’s coming,” before the call disconnected, according to police chief Ioan Buda-who has now been sacked.

Initially, the police claim they struggled to monitor the place from which she called.

They recognized the house they thought to have been held on Friday at 03:00, AP news reports, quoting local media.

Police then, though not legally needed, applied for a search warrant and waited until the morning to enter the house.

Only 19 hours after the girl’s final emergency call, they did not check the estate.

Police sent the human remains for evaluation-and suspect that they might belong to Alexandra, as well as an 18-year-old who was missing in April, reports Reuters.

Minister of the Interior Nicolae Moga said the chief of police was dismissed “because drastic measures are needed.”

Meanwhile, interim Attorney General Bogdan Licu informed TV station Antenna 3: “Why [police] waited … must be clarified. A girl who could have been saved by all signs has died.”

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