Kohli Receives Twitter Heat After Wearing Shorts at Toss

Being the Captain of the Indian cricket team and complete heartthrob is no easy task. It seems that the more popular you are the more meticulously you are observed by the public.

Virat Kohli in his latest ‘scandle’ wore shorts to a Toss before the match. He has been receiving some twitter heat eversince. Both fans and critics are calling him Disrespectful for not coming out in proper cricket attire.

Kohli walked out in his comfy little shorts on the morning of Thursday, 29 November at the toss right before India’s practice match against Cricket Australia XI at Sydney.

The four-day warm up will get India ready for the upcoming matches .But anyway lets see get a taste of the Twitter Fury Mr Kohli has recently received.

The Twitter Uproar started after BCCI posted a timely Toss Update.

Fortunately not everyone was out to criticize Kohli. His fans fought back the neigh sayers with their tweets. Some fan tweets :

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