Top Books That Suggests to Read by Bill Gates And Barack Obama

Bill Gates and Barack Obama are among the most successful personalities of the world. They are influencer and people special youth following them for motivation and learning.  Everyone knows that how they get success and how hard time they spent on the whole journey but there are few people who really know about their hobbies. Both personalities have one common hobby that is book reading. In different programs and talks, they suggested a few books to read everyone who wants to be a successful person in life.

Books That Bill Gates And Barack Obama Suggests Reading

Bill Gates suggested the book “Black Blood”. He shared his view about it and mentioned it a good book to read. This book is written by John Carreyrou, a French-American Journalist.  This book is based on the story of a founder of one unsuccessful startup related to blood testing. Elizabeth Holmes was the person who founded this startup and in this book, you will find all the ups and downs of his journey.

In the long blog of Bill Gates, he wrote about this book. He suggested to young entrepreneurs and startup owners to must read this book. These books have huge points for learners. Business owners can learn a lot from it. Although this book ends with a tragic end and loss there is worth learning in this failure.

Startup owners can learn from it that how they can work on their business, how to boost it and how they can overcome the problems to make it successful.

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Top Books That Bill Gates And Barack Obama Suggests Reading

The New Geography of Jobs’ written by Enrico Moretti is a good book. This famous book is recommended by Barack Obama. In this book, a writer tried to explain the effect of geographical matters on a business. He explained that how accurate place for a business is important to make it successful. How place will formulate the plans related to economics and finance. Barack Obama recently shared about this book on his Facebook wall and suggested this book to understand the shifting economies and financial management of a company.

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Books That Bill Gates And Barack Obama Suggests Reading

‘Business Adventures’ written by John Brooks is a highly recommended book by Bill Gates. “The best business book I’ve ever read,” he said. This book is related to financial life and the American corporate sector. This book John Brooks’ is very easy to read and understandable in financial matters. At the same time, this book is entertaining as the author describes everything in form of inspiring stories. He trying to make it more simple and interesting for readers.

Books That Bill Gates And Barack Obama Suggests Reading

Barack Obama recommended one more book ‘Factfulness’ by Hans Rosling. This book is important to read because it is one of those five books that he used to read in the summer break. He said, “This summer I’ve been absorbed by new novels, revisited an old classic, and reaffirmed my faith in our ability to move forward together when we seek the truth.”

Books That Bill Gates And Barack Obama Suggests Reading



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