You Can Now Transform your 2018 Suzuki Jimny into a Replica G-Class or Defender

The New Suzuki Jimny has garnered a lot of international attention due to its sleek designing and compact size.Car enthusiasts around the world have gained a liking to the new cute little Suzuki Jimny. Recently Dream Automotive Design and Development – or DAMD has made the 2018/19 Suzuki Jimny even more desirable

Dream Automotive Design History

Dream Automotive Design and Development – or DAMD – is a Japanese Tuning Company that has been around since the 1980s.DAMD has launched two new tuned versions of the Suzuki Jimny 2018/19Both Tuned versions mimic iconic offroaders; one being the Mercedes G class and the other is and Rover Defender

DAMD – Little G | Suzuki Jimny G Class Replica- 2018/19

The miniature G-Class Replica by DAMD is called the ‘little G’. The Little G’s front transforms it into a baby G-Class. The posterior of the car is also highly reminiscent of the coveted Mercedes G-Class.The little G also features side-exit exhaust pipes.

DAMD – Little G
DAMD Little G

DAMD – Little D | Suzuki Jimny Defender Replica 2018/19

The Miniature Defender Replica by DAMD is called the ‘little D’. The front of the little D feature headlight surrounds and grill similar to that of the Land Rover Defender. Apart from the front the cars side panels, rims and back are also modeled after the Land Rover Defender .

DAMD – Little D
DAMD – Little D

Before you get your wallet out to buy these little tuned versions; here is everything you need to know about the Suzuki Jimny 2019 

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