Toyota Tempts Fans with Another “Supra Race Car” Concept

by Garry Anderson
1 minutes read

Toyota really knows how to keep its fans hooked. While everyone is yet to see the completed production-spec Supra, Toyota is trying to divert our attention towards one of its race-car relatives.

This is our exclusive first look at the Supra that will be racing in Japan’s Super GT series. Japan’s Super GT Series takes everything from hybrid sedans to GT-Rs and turns them into unbridled, fire breathing GT wing honing racers.

Toyota didn’t reveal much … but a trained auto geek eye can still appreciate the aggressive lines of the Super GT SUPRA.  Like all GT cars this version of Supra also features a huge park bench style wing, huge vented arches …the whole works basically.

The Super GT Supra is believed to be contending for the top GT500 class. But it is early to give a final confirmation on the Racing class of the GT supra.

Toyota Gazoo Racing Stand – Tokyo Auto Show 2019

Toyota’s very own Gazoo Racing has given the world a peek at the Tokyo Auto Salon stand. Well its enough to have a car geek itching for a full preview of the much anticipated re-emergence of the racing legend.

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