You’ll Definitely Fall In Love With This Blind Cat Who Can See Through His Ears!

We live in an intimate contact with the animals who share our lives, and veterinary care has progressed to a level that supports longer life expectancy in pets than ever before. Pets are now living longer and better because we are able to feed them better and protect them from infectious diseases and parasites.  In fact, it is not so rare to see cats 20 years of age and older and small- to medium-breed dogs in their late teens. It has now become easy to control the effects of aging. Some pets develop a disability with age, some pets are born with their disabilities and live their entire lives in an altered state.  Others have hidden disabilities such as deafness.

Meet Bamboo the incredible loving cat that doesn’t see through his eyes. He was a stray kitten found on the streets and no one was there to help or look after him. He was suffered from a severe eye infection which made him lose his vision and then needed surgery to remove his eyes. He’s an adorable cat who is really in need of some kind soul.

He has made a good recovery and is gaining love and happiness. He is happy and healthy in his new home. Although he cannot see anything, he is enjoying a full and normal life. Through his movements, we can’t guess that cat was blind, he is behaving well like any cat. In the video, the way Bamboo explores his new home and his new family for the first time is heart touching.

“Bamboo even travels with us when we visit Nikki (vio)’s parent’s house and surprised us by being able to run up the stairs like it was nothing on one of his first stays there. He had a small ear mite infection in the first few months but other than that he’s been very healthy, happy and slightly annoying. We love him a lot.” Bamboo’s mother, Laura said.

We are grateful to the kind lady Laura for sharing Bamboo’s story with us.  The good people of the world are always there to give animals with a disability a loving home. The world needs more people like Bamboo’s family.

No matter the origin of the pet’s disability, these furry friends need and deserve for us to plan ahead to provide for their unique needs. It is important to think what these pets need in the way of day-to-day support and then help them live their very best life within their limitations.

Now take a look at this video that shows Bamboo’s first day in his forever home.

Watch the video here!