Tuxedo Cat Was Dumped by Her Family For Having Litter Box Issues

Many cats love their owners just as much, if not more than we love them and they like to show it. But how a cat shows their love and gives affection is very different from how humans display love. In the cat world, there are many ways to express oneself. The most obvious and common way cats show their happiness and love is through purring. Cats seem to have a special little motor inside them that get started when they are relaxed and enjoying something. You’ll often hear this rumbling, vibrating noise while you are petting your cat. Purrs can also mean your cat is upset but it’s not as common. Sometimes cats demand food and attention. We should note their gestures. Here is a story of  a 20-year-old cat, Lady who was surrendered by her family to BARCS Animal Shelter, in Baltimore, Maryland. The family notices that Lady had some accidents outside of her litter box. Lady was terrified and confused.

Lady is a beautiful tuxedo feline. Tuxedo cats have their own distinct personalities. They claim areas of the house for their own and will often drag a blanket and toys to their special spot. They are spunky, care for their owners, and are very affectionate. Lady is a beautiful tuxedo feline. She was examined by a vet and it came out that she had some reasons for having accidents in the house. The staff realized that she was almost completely blind and in the beginning stages of renal failure. After observing her, the staff told “Her aging, wobbly back legs sometimes make it difficult for her to get to her litter box in time.”

She deserved to spend her last years in a loving home. “After a lifetime of being a loyal and loving pet, she belongs in a home and with a family to prove to her that love is not conditional and to show her that even though she is sick, she is deserving of someone who will love her until her very last day.” The shelter posted a picture of Lady with the status, “She’s alone missing her home, scared, confused and wondering what she did to end up here. Where did her family go, when will they be back to get her? Where is her soft bed, and all of her favorite sun spots? No pet deserves to spend the end of their life in a shelter kennel—Lady needs an angel to save her.” It was touching.

Rebekah Carlyle, a veterinary tech, came across a post about Lady and this reminded her of her beloved cat, Minnie. Rebekah adopted Minnie when she was 20-years-old from BARCS. It was love at first sight. Four short months after Minnie was adopted, she passed away from renal failure. Rebekah was heartbroken and told , “I was absolutely shattered. They sent me home from work, I couldn’t even function. I think about her every day.” She decided to help Lady and called the shelter to know about her. Rebekah and her husband, James went to meet Lady and adopt her. “The second I saw her, I lost it. I put my hand in the cage and she sniffed me then let me scratch her,” Rebekah said. Lady was going home with her forever family who will love her till the end.

“Hi everyone! This picture right here is exactly why we do what we do,” was posted as an update by James with a picture of Lady and Rebekah.

Lady found a right place to live and improve her health condition. She was a bit nervous in her new home, but quickly warmed up to her new mom. Lady loves to lay in her mom’s lap and ask for attention. She enjoys ear scratches and the comfort of her mom nearby as she eats.  She was given a prescription diet for kidney health and her new mom starts her on supplements to help with the arthritis in her back legs. “I am so happy to be able to help another, I feel like I owe it to Minnie. They didn’t deserve to be thrown away after 20 years of the only thing they’ve ever known.” Lady is lucky to spend the rest of her days with people who adore and cared her most.

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