This New-Born Cat Was Found Frozen And It Looked Like She Wouldn’t Make It But She Grows Up To Be Strong And Feisty!

Weighing in at only 3.5 ounces, newborn kittens are a precious handful. They are one of nature’s most vulnerable creations. Kittens are born completely defenseless. Their eyes and ears are shut, and they are unable to even crawl. But they develop quickly.

Each stage of newborn kitten care is different, so determining a kitten’s age is key to his survival. Battling disease, starvation, animal attacks or human cruelty, stray and feral cats can die young. If you’ve found stray kittens on your property, act fast to help them live healthy lives. To help the abandoned cats and see them getting better is a real joy and a kind act. 

This is the case with Bagel, she was found with two of her siblings in shrubs by a woman walking her dog. She was just a day-old then, she was found frozen in bitter cold.  She and her siblings never even had a chance to meet their mother so they were deprived of warmth.

They even had to find warmth in the car vents. The three kittens were rescued and their foster mom was very keen to save them, she even decided to take them home to take in order to provide the necessary care, feed and warmth. We’re so grateful that someone watch these kittens and saved them. Surely she would grow into a cute and strong cat.

Watch the adorable rescue below:



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