This Kitten’s Life Turns Around Completely After His Eye Terrible Infection Is Finally Treated

The most common sign that your cat’s eyes are irritated is redness. Additionally, he may blink or squint excessively, hold his eye closed, rub or paw at his eye, and his eye might tear a lot. One of the most common treatments is to apply medicated drops or ointment to the affected eye. There may also be some mucus or pus-like discharge around your cat’s eye. Caring for our animals is one of the most important parts of keeping one and it was amazing to see this cat’s life improve after receiving the care he needed.

This cat was feeling pain due to the severe eye infection. He was wandering in pain and found in someone’s yard, meowing for help. Walter Santi who runs a local shelter of some sorts went over for help, picked him up and took him home. She pays full attention to his treatment and helps to recover soon. He is quite well now and always wants to play and run around the garden. He still stays with Walter who is looking for a loving and wonderful person or family to adopt him so he can get all the love and care he deserves. So if you stay in Turkey and you are looking to adopt this energy ball of a kitten, please contact him. He is really an adorable cat.


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