This Kitten Doesn’t Even Seem Real Until You Take A Closer Look And Realize He Is

There are different breeds of cats around the world. Here is a new breed of feline taking social media by storm Lykois. They are often referred to Werewolf Cats. These cats are actually very rare. Lykois were first discovered in two places, Tennessee and Virginia. These guys are pretty scary in the most adorable way possible. Due to incomplete hair, Lykois molt their coarse, grayish coats and are sometimes completely hairless. The missing coat of the Lykoi’s face gives the breed a werewolfish appearance. They also have the hunting tendencies of dogs.

Lykois is named for their resemblance to wolves, get their unique appearance due to a naturally-occurring genetic mutation within the domestic shorthair family. The mutation began appearing about 20 years ago, and though the breed has yet to be recognized by the Cat Fanciers’ Association, it’s becoming increasingly popular due to it’s extremely weird and cute looks.  They display a high level of affection for their owners.

Lykois have a personality not unlike a little hunting dog. They’re friendly and fiercely loyal, with a strong prey drive and sense of smell. So they’re like cats who actually show their affection to their owners. Although these cats look like ware wolfs or different than cats, the rare breed is real and very adorable. You would be proud to own such amazing cat.

Watch the video here! It’s unbelievable!

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