This cat was found abandoned on the road with ants and bugs crawling all over him until the love a stranger changed its life

Two good Samaritans found this little kitty on the side of road in a very bad condition. They first thought he was dead. The kitty was showing no signs of life until they saw a little leg give that twitch of hope. This poor kitty was found curled up on the ground with bugs and ants all over him. It was clear that the little kitty needed a lot of help. These Samaritans picked him up and decided to try and get help for him.

“My partner and I found him helpless beside an automotive mechanic shop here in the Philippines. According to the workers in the shop, kids brought him there and were playing with him. He was covered in dirt. His right eye was shut due to pus,” Andy shared. They took the kitty to an animal hospital so that he could get the help he needed. They named him Alden. “The vet cleaned him up, gave him antibiotics for his eye infection, and milk. He was also very dehydrated. After only few days of taking his medication and feeding him milk replacements every three hours, Alden’s eyes are both beautiful and wide open.”

Alden was still waddling a bit when he walked. “He is able to walk without limping, and meowing loudly for more milk!”They had to feed him with a syringe for a several days until the kitten was strong enough to eat on his own. Alden arrived at his new permanent home. He is recovering very soon and has a good appetite. It’s been almost 3 weeks since they found him. He’s got a big ears, a full, round belly and a lot cattitude. “He eats a lot and is getting more active now. We are very happy we took him home.”

He was found curled up on ground, covered by some insects.

The poor kitty was lying on the street without any sign of life

They rescued the poor soul and tried to help

They named this kitty ”Alden”

He is getting active day by day and eats alot

He is now living a healthy and wealthy life and adopted by a good family

Watch the video below:

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